A campaign
to triple our research investment

Inspired by our mission.

Driven by our vision.

Tomorrow. It’s something most people take for granted. But for those affected by polycystic kidney disease (PKD), the future is far from certain. For these families, the effects of this relentless, devastating disease can cast a dark cloud on past, present, and future generations. With your help, we’ll keep working tirelessly to change that.

Since the PKD Foundation was established in 1982, we have proudly funded over $50 million in PKD research and leveraged $1.5 billion in government funding, while serving our local communities across the country. But now is not the time to rest on our past achievements. Now is the time to move forward in our vision to #endPKD.

To build on what we have accomplished.

To launch new programs.

To energize volunteers.

To propel important initiatives.

To give those within the PKD community a bright future filled with healthy tomorrows.  

We can’t do it without you.

There is no cure

but with your help, there will always be hope.

PKD takes an enormous toll on the families it impacts. Those facing a PKD diagnosis can be overwhelmed with questions, fears, and uncertainties. And those battling PKD generation after generation are hoping their children and grandchildren will be spared the devastating effects.

They’re all counting on the PKD Foundation. We have been here and will remain here, funding critical scientific achievements, advocating for patients on Capitol Hill, ready to answer their questions, provide a shoulder to lean on and, ultimately, achieve our vision of ending PKD once and for all.

The Future Focus campaign is for the patients, families, and friends affected by PKD. Thanks to the generous donations provided by people like you, we will keep hope alive, moving closer to achieving our goals.

If you have PKD in your family, you are a PKD family and you can’t forget that. That’s why we encourage every family to get involved. It all starts with the Foundation and ends with the Foundation when we get this cure.

Mike and Bekki Haggard, Campaign Chair

Let’s achieve this goal together.




Through the Future Focus campaign, we will triple our research commitment and attack PKD on several fronts.

The Future Focus campaign is at the center of our success:

  • Future Focus has funded 56 researchers through ~$9M in grants.
    A 230% increase over the previous five years. Equally important, the majority of PKDF grantees were able to secure subsequent funding from government grants to continue their PKD research after their PKD Foundation grant.
  • Our most generous Future Focus donors have pledged $10M to cover our operational expenses.
    This means 100% of your contributions go directly to saving lives and finding cures through patient support, education and research investments.
  • Future Focus increased our restricted research endowment by $15M to ensure an annual research funding cycle is always available.
  • The first national patient registry (the PKD Foundation’s ADPKD Registry) now includes almost 2,000 registrants.
    Next, we plan to include clinical, image, and genetics data which will help the Registry grow in longitudinal research utility.
  • The PKD Foundation ensured PKD language made it into the DOD and NIH federal research funding programs for 2021.
    And PKD researchers were recommended for $14M of DOD and NIH in grants, the highest ever.
  • We expanded our leadership role with the Polycystic Kidney Disease Outcomes Consortium (PKDOC)—a collaboration with the FDA and researchers to establish drug development tools that will help bring more PKD treatments to market faster. This consortium was responsible for establishing the total kidney volume (TKV) biomarker, which led the way to the first FDA-approved treatment.

The Future Focus Campaign has nearly tripled our investment in research, but we need your help to reach the $70M goal and sustain this momentum.